City Build

City Build Documentation

Date: Mar. 2017

Customer Story

Environment artists need to quickly build city for prototyping with mostly the same but slightly different design. City Build allows the user to generate buildings with different parts from the build-in library.

Screenshot (1)

User Input

City Build takes basic meshes from a build-in library and generate buildings based on the user’s input. The user needs to give the number of levels they desire and the size of the building including. The tool allows the user to replace parts of the building from the library by selecting certain parts from the mesh and the replacement piece, then hits the “Replace” button.

Technical Details

  • City Build has a build-in library with parts of the building (base, windows, roof…) that user can replace.
  • All parts of the building will be put into an instance group.
  • All the duplicates are instances of the original object.
  • All parts of the library will be in a hidden group so that user can delete them together.
  • Buttons for the replacement parts are interlock buttons. That is, the user can only select one at the time. Select a different one will unselect the previous selection automatically. The selected part will be highlighted.
  • A warning will be shown if the user does not select any part to replace.

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