Demolition Dice

Demolition Dice is a design exercise dice game.  The goal of this design is to create a 3 players game avoiding the 3-players problem.  That is, there should not be any party formed in any kind, and logical elimination to any player.  The base rule is that higher roll wins.



Demolition Dice is a 3-player dice game that players roll their dice to build dice tower with big rolls, and knock down other players’ or their own tower.



The objective of Demolition Dice is to have the highest sum of numbers facing up from each die in the tower. All players have five dice in their hand, and roll two dice simultaneously each turn. The player who rolls the least sum of the two dice gets to choose whether they want to knock down someone’s tower including their own. The other two players add one of their dice to their dice tower of their choice with the roll facing up. Once one player finishes their tower, the other two players can roll the rest of their dice and add the dice to their tower. The final score of each player is the sum of the numbers facing up on all the dice in the tower.



  • Five six-sided dice for each player

  • A paper or an area indicates where players can build their towers.


Set Up

Players decide a designated area where they can build their dice tower. Make sure that all towers are accessible to all players to attack.


Phases and Rounds

There are four phases to a round in Demolition Dice, and there will be at least five rounds in the game.

  1. Roll DiceAll players roll two dice simultaneously unless they only have one left. Then get the sum of their rolls on their dice.
  2. Build TowerThe two players who get higher sum can pick one of the dice they roll, and add it on top of their tower with the roll facing up. Noticed that all towers have to be built in the designated area decided by players before the game starts.
  1. Knock DownThe player who has the least sum can chose to knock down a dice tower including their own or to do nothing. They need to throw only one die at the tower of their choice. They only have one chance to knock down. That is, if they fail to hit a tower, they miss their chance.
  2. RebuildThe player whose tower gets knocked down now needs to rebuild their tower. Whatever the number facing up on each die from their tower becomes their new roll. They rebuild their tower by stacking the dice with the new rolls facing up.

The Rebuild phase marks the end of each round.


Once one player finishes their tower by stacking all five dice together after the rebuild phase, the other two players can roll all the rest of their dice together, and add the dice to their tower with the rolls facing up. Now, all players count the sum of the numbers facing up on all five dice from their tower as their final score. The player with the highest score wins.

Designers:  Sarah Cotner, Yukun Drew, Darrell Sweet

Design Process

Coming soon…

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