Ice Shader in UE4

In this project, I want to create a more realistic ice material.  There are many good ice shaders on the internet.  However, most of them are rather stylize.  When I started to do my research, I immediately know that I want to create a frozen river type of ice.  This is the reference I used


This is how my shader turns out


Material Graph and Substance Graph

Screenshot (62)SN_Graph1

I had lots of inspiration from Timothy Cole and Taizyd Korambayil .  Both of them mentioned parallax Occlusion mapping, and I had experience with the bump offset node in UE4 during my previous hologram work, I figured I could achieve the same depth just through this node.

By examining my reference I know that I need bubble, cloud and cracks in the middle of the ice, and more cracks and chip on the surface.  To achieve the layer feel, I need to use similar pattern with different rotation and depth.

Therefore, in Substance, I made different layer patterns first.

I originally had snow pattern (bottom right), but did not add into my final shader.

I did not add any color in Substance.  Instead, I made these grey scale maps, and exported them in different channels to use as mask.


In the engine, I first set up each individual layer as a mask, and add colors based on the mask, then adjust roughness and normal based on the surface layer mask.

Screenshot (65)


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