Imperium Environment

Imperium is the thesis game I am working on.  I am the technical environment artist for this game.  I work closely with two other artists and another technical artist.

My main job is making modular  kit (3D) for the game environment with our concept artist.  After we finish the kit, I will build them in the engine to test them out, and build some example layout for our level designer to iterate on.  This process includes writing blueprints to optimize our work time and small tools to help building the environment.  Here are some white box I made for the first area in the game.


I also make shaders/materials in Unreal Engine 4 for the game.  This requires a lot of communication with the artist to pack their textures in certain ways.  For example, I used height map in order to paint detail onto our floor/wall/ceiling on low vertexes mesh.  Height map is stored in alpha channel (I will post another detail for this in a separate page).  Here are some experimental texture we did.  However, we are going to iterate on them later.  I also created hologram materials for us to create a more sci-fi feels.  The pictures will be provided later.


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