Interface Architect

Future Plan (10/9/2017) Consideration

Please comment here or under my youtube video if you think this is necessary or can be helpful~!

I am thinking about adding a new function to allow user importing an existed file and translates it to architect automatically.  Do you think this will be an useful functionality?


Newest Update (7/13/2017)

I added  scripting area to achieve Edit for the architecture.  So user can simply do quick editing in the scripting area to update the architecture.  The script can also interact with the architecture.  For example, if you add element through scripting, it will be also added into the architecture.

The scripting area also allows users to add functions to their buttons.  This can come in handy.

Screenshot (4)

I am still working on the documentation and tutorial.  Once those two are done, I will update the tool for download.

Thanks everyone for all the useful feedback and I really really appreciate for your support!!!<3  Here is my future plan for this project:

Upcoming Version Plan (6/12/17):

1.1.0 (Early July)

  • Add Edit tab for editing existing elements
    • Delete (attribute)
    • Edit Value
    • Add (attribute)
  • Reorganize current GUI (make preview button more accessible)



Interface Architect


Interface Architect is a tool in Maya that helps you to visually build your GUI for your own Maya tool. No coding is required but basic knowledge of GUI programming is recommended if you want a lot of customization for your GUI. The tool provides some default elements that you can add to your GUI. These are some commonly used elements such as button, text, text field, and different types of layout. You can also add customized elements into the GUI by giving input of the element type and attributes.

The tool also allows you to manipulate your GUI within its own Architecture structure so that you do not have to keep on track of your structure in the code. Interface Architect will generate a python code based on your Interface Architecture. You can save it anywhere, and copy it into your own code to use it. The tool allows you to preview your GUI at anytime through the process as well.


Interface Architect Documentation

Download Link




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Design Document

Customer Story

GUI programming can be complicated for many technical artists for programming Maya tools. The programming process of GUI creating can take a huge chunk of the total programming time.  Technical artists can use this tool to visualize the GUI creating process without doing any coding themselves, and the tool will generate the GUI and export the code in python.
User Input

Interface Architect allows users to create GUI but interacting with the build-in hierarchy system.  In the hierarchy, the user can add new elements (from the default menu or customizing their own element) or delete existing elements.  Then, the user can preview the GUI, exporting the code, or clear the window.  The important inputs for customization include element type, attribute name, and attribute value.

Technical Details

  • Interface Architect supports all GUI elements in Pymel.  The user can achieve this by providing valid element details.
  • Interface Architect has a group of build-in elements for quick mock up.
  • Interface Architect exports the code as a .py file.

Future Plan

  1. Interface Architect could support Mel programming as well.
  2. Interface Architect  could have a build-in library for more advanced element such as interlock buttons.  (I used this in my tool City Build)

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